General terms and conditions

General terms and conditions governing the use of the fitness studio.

1. Conclusion of contract, terms of payment

A contract between the administrator and the user of the facility is concluded upon payment of the reservation by the user.

2. Handover of premises

The premises shall be placed at the disposal of the user in clean condition.
Should the user arrive late or not make use of the studio during the booked period, no refund can be made.

3. Careful use / liability

The user shall use the studio with due care, comply with the house rules and regulations and show consideration towards other residents and neighbours.

The studio is not supervised. The user acknowledges that use of the equipment during the booked period is at his/her own risk, and shall exclude fitnessprivat from all liability.

For security reasons, the fitness studio is monitored with a camera with recording facility.

Liability on the part of fitnessprivat for all damage, accidents, injuries and sicknesses arising in association with the use of the premises for training purposes shall be based on the applicable provisions of Swiss civil and penal law.

The premises and equipment provided by fitnessprivat shall be used solely at the risk of the user. fitnessprivat cannot be held liable for any damage, injury or sickness. Insurance cover is the responsibility of the user. fitnessprivat urges the user to exercise the necessary care and attention.

Any damage must be reported to the administrator immediately.

The user is obliged to ensure that all invited guests comply with the provisions of the contract and house rules.

Should the user infringe against the obligation of careful and proper use of the studio, fitnessprivat may demand compensation.

4. Return of the studio

The studio and its listed contents shall be returned punctually and in clean and tidy condition.

The user shall be liable to replace any damaged or missing items.

The user is obliged to report any damage to the administrator.

5. Force majeure

In the event that fitnessprivat should be unable to provide its services through no fault of its own (e.g. due to force majeure), the user shall not be entitled to compensation or alternative bookings.

6. Liability

The administrator is responsible for managing orderly reservations and for due and proper performance of contract.
Users shall be liable for all damage caused by themselves or their guests.

7. Applicable law, place of jurisdiction

Swiss law shall be applicable. Place of jurisdiction shall be the location of the studio.